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Now its time to hack our save datas its pretty simple and totally free for you and of course works for newest versions.Here goes save-data encoder/decoder and with this tool you can simply change your achievements golds and more…

What do you need ? nothing – just click on export save data in gameplay.No matter where you are our encoder works pretty good.

What can i do if decoded data is too hard for edit for me ? – You can type in browser and just read blogs/and pages.

The mean of the cheating is,change our save data numbers as we want it

Video tutorial :


Hack Golds in Clicker Heroes – For example : search word gold in our decoded data,And if gold set as 1 like this -> “gold”:1 | you can easily change it with any number for example : 500,Then you only need to encode this data again and import in the game.

Now it’s not hard to edit our decoded text,Just read them it’s truly simple.

totalPrimalsKilled – Amount of killed primal bosses

totalCreditsPurchased – Amount of purschased credits … And even more 🙂
Also you can unblock areas with easiest way just find thing like that
And just change “locked”:true and set “locked”:false :))

Clicker Heroes Save data Editor – For newest patches !



Updated !!!

Copy and paste here your saved game data:

Decoded result:

Copy and paste here whole decoded code with your changes:

Your encoded data - Just import it via Clicker Heroes and have a fun :):