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Clicker Heroes: Short review

Clicker Heroes is another nice game which is amazingly simple to play, for producing new stages, new saint levels and more, there are utilized excessively numerous numerical formulas, this makes diversion addictive, and you know addictiveness of the diversion is nearly achievement key.

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Little more about Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes


Clicker Heroes has a very simple premise that actually gets simpler after the first couple of minutes of play. Monsters will be auto damaged and upon their death will yield gold that you can use to increase your auto damage and kill monsters quicker. You can speed things along by clicking for extra damage. You will quickly stop progressing if you are not constantly using your money to upgrade and advance to harder levels. You will have abilities you can use on timers that can massively boost your earnings and damage.


You start with a level 1 hero that does 1 damage each time you click on the monster portrait. After a couple of clicks the monster will die, drop a couple of gold coins (that auto pick up after a couple of seconds). You can then use this money to level up your hero or buy special abilities that unlock at certain levels. Where this gets interesting is when you buy your second hero who will now auto damage the monster with no guidance from you. Every hero after this will function in pretty much the same way. This allows you to greatly increase the damage you do by being an active participant, but if you want to spend 30 minutes on other things and check back into the game periodically, you are still making progress. If you do not constantly reinvest your money into new levels and abilities, you will not progress as fast.

Every 5-10 seconds you will have gained enough money to buy a new level or ability and progress onto stronger monsters and more money drops. The game really does not play much different than the first 5 minutes but you are constantly getting fed more and more rewards that keep this interesting for several days.

Your damage increases almost exponentially, but the clever way they keep on changing the units on your damage keeps these numbers from getting too overwhelming. This also makes it so that you are always getting more powerful but you are never able to “break” the game.

The monsters will grimace and explode with bigger and bigger numbers that make for an overall very satisfying experience. The degree of polish in this game is very impressive. It does something very simple and does it very well.

How to Gain Hero Levels on Ascension

Once you reach Amenhotep you can the ability Ascension that will allow you to reset the game and gain a bonus on the next game of one hero soul for every 2000 hero levels you achieved. Simply buying the ability will cause a reset, so make sure you have bought as many hero levels as is feasible.

Make sure you go back and buy all the hero levels you can afford on your earlier heroes. I usually set a certain cost per level and after every jump up in value I will go through my old back log of heroes and make sure each new level up will now cost me about the same. This should somewhat maximize your gold cost per level in gaining additional hero souls when you ascend.

You can only gain a max of 10 souls per reset with the sweet spot being right around resetting at 5 souls (which should take right around a day to do). As you get more and more hero souls, the amount of time it takes to reach a certain amount of souls per reset should get quicker and quicker. If you can make it to zones 115-120 you should be able to afford 7 hero levels pretty easily and once you reach zone 140 you should be able to afford an additional 1.

How To Play Clicker Heroes:

  • All operations in the game are controlled by the mouse. Use the mouse and click on the monster to get gold.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. When the monster appears, it automatically loses HP. However, the time will be longer.
  2. Upgrade your Hero as soon as possible.